Saturday, June 11, 2011

A card a day with stories real or otherwise

Stories real or otherwise by using one tarot card.  Today, I pulled the Queen of Pentacles.  Very much me.  She is really contemplating something as she look intently at her pentacle which she holds on to with both hands.  I am often deep in contemplation about life.  She is surrounded by nature and very comfortable doing so.  There is nothing I enjoy more than a walk or a bicycle ride along the bike/walking paths along the river.  It is calming, peaceful and perfect.  Yesterday I had to bike to work and on the way home stopped to take a few pictures, however, they do not convey just what it means to me.  I also saw a deer and quickly tried to get a picture but somehow lost the picture when transferring to my computer.  I posted a few to my facebook page minus the deer unfortunately.

They say Queens are feminine, Pentacles is feminine therefore maternal and nurturing.  I guess I am a version of some of that.  When it comes to my two children, now and when they were little, they came first and I would do anything for them.  They tell me I make the world a safer and nicer place for them.  My nurturing doesn't expand too far beyond my own little world but that is a whole other card.

It happens to be my son's 27th birthday today.  My precious little Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon, Taurus Asc.  Talk about deep deep feelings he keeps in a very deep place .  He is a work in process as he learns to deal with all of it.  We do relate rather well ... well I do have a Taurus Sun, Gemini Mercury and Scorpio Asc (his father is a Scorpio Sun, Gemini Asc) OMG.   Our connections run deep!!!

This Queen today reminds me of how serious I can be but at the same time how vibrant and youthful I still am.  And how nature soothes me and is my comfort place to go.  She reminds me of how grateful I am to have two children and a cat to nurture, to love and who nurture and love me.

I was trying to insert a picture of the Queen of Pentacles but it doesn't seem to work.  It is not like me to "give up" but will figure it out for next time.

To be continued ...

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  1. Amazing spread to share tomorrow! So inspiring and hopeful for me.