Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Jun 13, 2011

My day was spent at work doing the usual activities.  No time for thoughts elsewhere.  I am covering for a co-worker who is on vacation while still doing my own job.  Keeps me busy and I like to be busy.  Once home, then I try to unwind and give myself some time for inner thoughts.

Card of the day ... 12 Hanged Man

The cards are still telling me to perhaps put the conscious world (in my head) on hold for a time.  And to realize it really is inside me that has to change, rather than a situation coming and changing me.  I had perhaps had thoughts along those line even though I knew better.  Seeing the Hanged Man made me understand.  I must be open to various ideas and ways other people think and do things.  I need learn to know and love myself.  The Self that is inside me.  The one I rarely let out.  Yes, he is tied up and upside down but he appears to be calm and making the best of his situation.  He is giving it some time.  The cards have been telling me to give it some time.  And I am.

to be continued ....

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