Sunday, June 12, 2011

Card of the day story

4 of Swords .. interesting.  This continues the theme of rest needed .. a getting away from things I am worried or thinking about. I am going to use an exercise with this card and perhaps all my card of the day drawings for awhile.  I am asking the card who, what, when, where, why and how.  My initial thoughts and intuition about the card.

Who - this is me needing the break discussed in the previous post. 
What - my life's journey
When - at a time when my day job versus my joy job are not finding a balance
Where - in my mind
Why - my sadness
How - by taking some time off of doing ALL the things I feel I need to do and give myself a break.  Do some meditation, some qigong and begin building a solid foundation for my future.  It has to begin by focusing my ever active mind and visualizing.  Put it to paper. Then begin the process of making it happen.

In my life, I have to work.  No choice as I have to pay the bills for myself and be there for my children (even though they are adults now).  I have to find a way to do both and begin a long term goal to have in place by the time I am able to retire.

I will listen to the cards and take two weeks off my "joy" job.  I will exercise, eat right, meditate on my plan, organize what needs to be done, draw a card a day as a way to keep in touch with myself.  I have a week off at the end of June and during these days will begin to implement my goals.

to be continued ...

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