Monday, July 1, 2013

Into the depths

What can I say except I fell into a hole today and wasn't quite sure how to get out.  Or even if I wanted to.  Well that isn't quite true as I always want to.  Just gets harder to want to.  It happened in a split second before I had a chance to stop it.  So I went with it for awhile, let myself experience it.  Let myself get lost in it.

Eventually I found myself doing some yoga but not being able to concentrate so sat down to meditate.  Realized the trigger, worked with it and once finished, got up, without thought found the Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince.  Played with the cards for quite some time and then did her Cronebody Spread as outlined in the companion book.  Amazing and exactly what I needed.  It isn't easy for me yet to read her cards, however, the spread spoke to me easily.  I then drew another card just to finish off the session.

Could not help but smile and feel better:

From the companion book about the Sun:

"The Sun is a woman in a red robe with flowing white hair and a youthful joyful face.  She glows with inner and outer lights, as does the halo around her head.  With open hands, she showers the ground with coin-like drops of molten gold.

The Crone Sun is your bright shadow.  In the quest that is your life, you have left behind some capacity for happiness, some simple wholeness that you can call back to you now.  After all the good that you have been told you can't have and you can't be, it's time to say you can.  After all the suffering in the world, it's time not to add to it one ounce.  When the Sun comes out, it's okay to be happy.  More than that - it's a good thing.  When the Sun shines, everyone benefits.

Seek now for what brings you joy.  Act now as if that's all that matters.  Joy is the radiance that comes from expressing yourself, from singing your soul, from living with true passion.  Give to it with both hands."

How did she know!!!!!  I am grateful this deck found its way to me today ....

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  1. Sometimes we hear what we want and sometimes we hear what we need.
    Have a great summer, Sharyn