Monday, July 29, 2013


Shutting down until September, no blogging, no Facebook, Twitter for family only, twice a week email check. Yep.

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn so much from my fellow bloggers and Facebook friends.  It has been beyond amazing and means a lot to me.  I will be back. I miss you already.

However, for now, it is time for me to revert back to a simpler time with less distractions in order to reinvent myself moving forward.  To discover newly who I am now, what I am, my capabilities, my limitations, my hopes and dreams.  Sincerely look at what I have versus what I want and how it all fits together.  Look at what really matters and take things back into my own hands.  So much has changed over the last two years.  What brought me joy and comfort has changed.  I want it back but of course that is not to be.  Life is ever changing. Moving forward is the only option.  

Card of the day, drawn from Universal Waite (U.S. Games Systems Inc.):

Quite appropriate considering.  The "9" - bringing to mind self-examination, self-study, paying attention to the inner self.  I will also be looking for the way "guidance" comes to me, in whatever form.

to be continued in the future ....

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  1. You will be missed, from out here in Saskatchewan!
    Have a good month, and don't forget to come back.