Saturday, June 29, 2013

More Cups

Happy Canada Day holiday weekend!!  Lucky me, I've been off work since last Thursday and will be all of next week.  Some much needed time off.  Thursday and Friday were dull, dreary, rainy days perfect for inside chores.  Today the Sun is trying to shine but the clouds are putting up a good fight.  At least it is a tiny bit cooler.

Have a list of priorities for this time off.  Top of the list is to get myself organized here in my little office space.  Who knew this would be such a big job.  Not me.   I have a day outing planned for mid week and hopefully the weather cooperates since it involves walking and walking and more walking.

I love not waking up to an alarm, not rushing to get myself ready for "work".  How nice having my own agenda, doing what I enjoy but rarely have time for.  Did I say I love not going to work.  Oh yeah, I did.  There is time for exercise, for planning meals, playing with my cards and whatever I feel like.  Went over to the library and got myself four books to read.  Excited about that since it has been forever since I actually sat down and read a book for fun.  (aside from a tarot or astrology book).

Cards pulled a bit earlier from The Nigel Jackson Tarot:

These cups are really trying to tell me something.  The last draw with the Page of Cups and the Ace of Cups gave me the impression I needed to deal with my inner self.  And also I wondered if I was to pursue the getting to know a certain someone I'd met on-line.  I did receive another "message" from this person.  However, I haven't written back ... yet. Should I or shouldn't I?  That is the question.  Why or why not is another. 

So now here is the King of Cups and the Ten of Cups.  Okay ... the King is grounded to be sure, however, he isn't looking at me and I get the feeling he doesn't want to be in the reading.  Or perhaps he just isn't concerned about anything and is quite content.  Interestingly, at eye level here at my desk, there is a picture of a happy me with the words under it "happy, healthy and content".  Always in the present when said.  I say them often and always before a meditation and before shuffling my cards.   The Ten, especially to me, is saying to be in the moment.  Feel the moment.  Don't get overwhelmed with everything.

So then I thought I'd draw another card for clarification:

Hmm ...  Life is what it is ... up and downs.  It is all about how we deal with the ups and downs.  Outwardly, strength is what others see, inwardly not so much these days.  Bit of a struggle.

All these cups.  The Universe wants me to deal with my emotional stuff.  Lately, forcing me too. In my astrology natal chart the only water I have is my Scorpio Ascendant and it is definitely challenged.  

Thoughts anyone????


  1. Happy vacation to you! I'm glad you don't have to wake to an alarm and that you get to relax! Whew! We have had fires out here in Colorado and need rain so I've been pleased that we just got some.

    Hope your day outing goes well and is enjoyable. What books are you going to read? Fiction? Non-fiction? Etc. I got a Kindle Fire as a mother's day present from my husband and I have been re-reading Sherlock Holmes as well as some non-fiction health and intuition books. But I really want to dive into some novels soon.

    You do have some cups, there! A Scorpio Ascendant--you are only one of two people I know with a Scorpio ascendant. I have noticed that being oneself in an out way is not usually comfortable for Scorpio ascendants that I know--they prefer anonymity or at least not very much emotional vulnerability. But this energy many manifest in different ways for different folks!

    The King of Cups can represent emotional repression--perhaps there are emotional depths you can explore. It also has struck me as being a creative/artistic card: perhaps you can use some of your vacation time to delve into a creative project.


    1. Thanks MM, it is indeed nice to use my own inner clock to sleep. I do hope the rain has helped the fires. We've had several dull, dreary days in this area. Time for the Sun to show again.

      I always looking at non-fiction books on various topics. So the books will be fiction. Canadian women authors. Being supportive and all that. Going to the library the other day made me realize how much I missed it. Not just the reading but the library itself.

      All those cups are screaming at me to begin a creative project. Not just think about it. And yes also to deal with my emotional issues which unfortunately are on-going. Hidden to most though .. very Scorpio of me to keep things hidden. Most have always seen me as a women of enormous strength raising two kids on my own, working full time etc etc. No time to be weak. Little did they know. Perhaps it is catching up to me ... especially now my two are grown and the responsibility has lessened.

      Life sure is full of challenges but I guess they are the ones we grow the most from.

      Thanks for your thoughts. It helped. xxxooo