Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Another hot humid day in southwestern Ontario.  Woke up early so decided to go do all my errands before breakfast.   I was smiling ear to ear when I found a basket of local baby cucumbers.  I wait all year for them.  Bought two.  Might need more :)  There is nothing better than fresh local produce.  How I miss having a garden.  Maybe someday again.

Not letting the heat stop me, I exercised, did a meditation, and sat down to play with the tarot.  Feeling very light today (if that is possible with this humidity lol), I decided to pull a card, again using the Spiral Tarot by Kay Steventon, with nothing particularly specific in mind.  Just a random card to talk about and learn from.

But ... this card is absolutely not random.  It carries on from yesterday.  The 6 to me is balance and choices.  The scale in this pictures is balanced.  It does seem they are coming together in a marriage or commitment and he appears, since wearing a crown, to be better off than she is.  However, for me this is about giving and receiving both materially and spiritually.  Giving without the thought of anything in return.  Being able to receive without giving back.  Being able to ask for a helping hand when needed.  Being able to give the helping hand when asked.  

The Pentacles again today especially with the 6 involved, seem to me to be very specific leading me to feel all I have done towards my security and that of my loved ones is on track. It will be okay.  However it all turns out.  It appears I am not alone and I must not forget that.

I am grateful for all the generous gifts given me in my life and for those I have been able to give.  It truly does all work out in the end.

I am grateful for the continued opportunity to create a meaningful life with all the ups and downs and choices ... the never ending cycle of growth.



  1. Beautiful gratitudes, Carol! So glad you worked out despite the heat, and found those delicious baby cucumbers :) I made some cucumber salad for lunch to day - nom, nom!

    1. Thank you. Finding those cucumbers made my week. Can one eat too many I wonder :))