Sunday, July 21, 2013


Although still hot, a wonderful, less humid day today.  One can move about with a bit more ease and without breaking into a sweat.  What a week to have off work.  The hottest so far this summer.  It was impossible to go for any walks or even go outside for any length of time. My original plans are on hold until my next week off.

Over this last week, working with the heat and having no energy, I accomplished quite a bit. Made some discoveries, had some meaningful discussions, issues got resolved and am grateful for all of that.  With Mercury going direct, perhaps one last issue will work itself out.

Today, I dug out the Robin Wood Tarot by Robin Wood.  I don't use it very often mainly because the cards are slippery and I always end up losing control of them.  With my little hands, when shuffling, they tend to fly all over the place.  Not sure that is fixable but I do like them.

Draw for today:

Two eights.  My first thought was progress.  And then power.

The 8 of Cups makes me realize I don't have to put my "plans" in place right at this moment.  Perhaps I do need to further clarify the destination and allow for the ability to be flexible with the outcome.  More reflection is needed. There is work to do on my self-worth, self-confidence, knowing my power and knowing it all comes from within.  I am grateful for everything I have, materially and spiritually, but yes, there is more to do, more to work on.  I must go further into the unknown areas.  Work with my fears, don't let them work me.

Strength to me is all about knowing myself, having patience and remaining calm.

Most of my life, people have always commented on what strength and determination I have. How was I able to handle all the moves as a child.  How was I able to raise two children on my own (with no help from their father) and hold a full time job.  Of course, I did these things.  Outwardly. I had no choice and am grateful for the strength to get through them. Inside ... well that is a different story and an on-going project.

I am grateful for my two feline friends who love me unconditionally, as I do them.  Here is my big girl, China, enjoying the less humid air today.

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  1. In terms of the Robin Wood, you could try trimming them. They'd still be slippery, but smaller and more controlable. And I think the colours would just burst out - they'd be lovely borderless!

    I loved what you wrote about the 8 of Cups, working with your fears instead of letting them work you. And the second card says you have the strength to do it, even if it is a bit scary sometimes :)

    China is beautiful. Cats are amazing for that love and support. They may be more subtle about it than dogs, but that doesn't mean they are any less loyal or loving!