Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Out of the Depths

A much welcomed better day today.  Still no sunshine to be found but that encourages me to complete some inside projects.

The card of the day from The Tarot of the Crone by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince:

What, another cup, this time a 6.  Surprise! A time for me to re-establish myself.  A reinvention based on the lessons and challenges I have lived through.  This is personal.  This is rooted in the past.  But can't stay in the past.

The card reminds me of a mirror.  A reflection of myself is being put out there and I must be aware.  Like the saying "as above, so below" which I used and heard a lot while studying astrology.  It can mean various things and for me it fits here.  Another saying "I am in the Universe, the Universe is in my body, the Universe and I combine together" is saying the same thing.  I say this to myself all the time. 

The Six of Cups in the traditional RWS deck tells me to lighten up, to share my gifts and learn from others.

A phone call from my son late last evening, although very emotional, ended with a viable solution to a problem causing me a great deal of stress.  I wasn't able to digest it last night but woke up ready to.

As well, a message from my daughter mid-afternoon today with totally exciting news concerning her career had me smiling from ear to ear. (I had been very concerned for her)

YES, some smiles.  Cups can be happy too ... :)))))

I am grateful to be able to smile today ....

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