Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

It is Father's Day here in Canada/US.  Am thinking of my father and what a source of strength he was for me.  It was also very interesting, when talking with one of my brothers, at my son's wedding a few weeks ago, how very different he sees our dad.  I did not know this before and although I totally understand we all have different perspectives, it sort of came as a surprise as it differs quite a bit from my perspective.  I am also six years older so that makes a big difference as well.  My dad loved to sing, his brother played guitar and together they made magic.  Luckily they had the foresight to tape some evenings of songs and one of my brothers put it all on CD.  Listened to that today and could feel my heart fill.  I can't be with him physically anymore but he is with me forever.

My dad's grandfather came here from Denmark.  Looking for a tarot deck to use this week, my eyes stopped on The Viking Cards by Gudrun G Bergmann.  The book uses Iceland as the root source but I consider my Denmark roots as being Viking.  Have never used these cards as it has always been my intention to read through the book and gain a better understanding of the cards.  Haven't done that yet.  It seems appropriate to use today in memory of my dad, his dad and his dad and so on.

I have been making some progress working with my "list" of things I would enjoy and incorporate back into my everyday life.  I did sew this week, well, if mending counts.  It was to help out two people and I happily did so.  I exercised three days out of the seven which is better than none and hopefully will improve.  

Work turned out to be unexpectedly busy and my car gave me some unexpected problems.  I handled both with grace.  The car things maybe not so much at first since it turned out to be costly lol but I tried.

So it was an up and down week with progress made.

Cards drawn today with the thought in mind of the progress made and progress still to come:

The Helmet  - Victory - Vikings always wore helmets to protect themselves in battle.  The book says "defeat is almost certain if you aren't prepared.  You need to use strategy and make plans".  Indeed.  I do much better in life if I have a plan and some sort of structure.  This I know about myself.  I fall off the path otherwise.

WEST - The Bull - Abundance - Seeing this card, I immediately thought of myself as a sun Taurus.  Card 14 in tarot is Temperance which is my teacher card.  It breaks down to 5 which is my soul and personality card.  It is also May, my birth month.  Anyway, the book says "appreciate what I have i.e. home, family, friends, job".  Don't lock myself away in a world of lack by saying "I need" instead of saying "I have".  Exactly.

These cards reinforce to me I am on the right path.  To continue on doing the best I can.

I am extremely grateful for all I do have and it is important to remember.  Easy to forget sometimes and get caught up in the "I need".  Thank you Universe for the reminder, the reassurance and guidance.

At first today it was raining, gloomy ... the type of day to pull the sheets over your head and hide.  But I got myself up and proceeded to get busy.  As I look out, the sun is shinning, the birds are singing and its a perfect time to sit outside for a bit to soak in some nature.

On this fine day, here I am au naturale, lines and all ...


  1. You look beautiful au naturale, Carol! And I love the butterfly on the wall behind you :)

    Good luck with planning, and taking time to recognise the joys in your life - definitely good advice!

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I love the butterfly as well. Really love it. My mother-in-law gave it to me before she passed. I treasure it.

      I am trying ... sometimes it is very hard. Harder than it used to be. And I am not sure why. Guess that is part of my journey.

      Each morning is a new beginning ...

    2. As you say, each morning... :)

  2. Very sweet post, and I love the photo and your spirit. You look great! Au naturale is good--we all need to embrace it!