Sunday, June 9, 2013

Been a good day so far.  Woke up to a blue sky and some warmth.  The birds are singing, the cats watching.  I exercised earlier (something from my "list").  Oh my gosh, it felt great and instantly knew I'd missed it. Now to repeat tomorrow.

Time for a new deck to play with for a few days so went looking.  Truth is I haven't bought a new deck or book for what seems like an eternity. Not for lack of desire!  However, I do have at least 40, many I've never used, some I never will.  Bought them for a reason even if once home and in my hands didn't seem like a good fit.  Going to go digging for something, see what speaks out to me.

After meditating (yes, another thing from my "list") and with the intention to find the above mentioned deck, my eyes stopped on Nature Spirits Oracle Cards by Elizabeth J. Foley.  So will use for today.

Drew three cards:

Hmm ... interesting.  These cards are on the small size which is great for me while shuffling.  Seeing all the detail is a different matter.  Had to get out my magnifying glass to have a really good look.  Quite like them.

The Moonbeam Energy card speaks to me about my mediation session plus there was just a new moon (conjunct my 8th house) sending me tons of energy which by the way I felt in the meditation.  While mediating I concentrated on working on my issues and here we have Fear/Anxieties/Doubts with the intention of regaining my personal power ... and here we have Personal Power card.  I am speechless.

Sunshine ... Yay!!  Exercised ... Yay!!  Meditated ... Yay!! Played with my cards ... Yay!!

Gotta love the Universe ....


  1. Hope the week has continued well, Carol. Good luck with your list :)

    1. Thanks Chloe. Been an up and down week but am trying to keep above it all. Have made progress with the list :)

    2. Glad to hear you've made progress on the list, at least. Wishing you a more up than down week this week :)