Saturday, January 1, 2011


So it is Jan 1, 2011 ... all those ones must mean something right. Not sure I know the answer to that. Seems like 2010 really slipped by. Where did it go anyway. I sure didn't keep up this blog did I. Well not that I have any readers so no one would notice. It is really just for myself anyway.

I did a quick reading for myself using past, present and future cards. No thinking. What came to my mind I wrote down. A study aid for myself getting used to reading (quickly) for others in person. 'Tis my downfall. My mind tends to go blank. I know the stuff but it won't come out!! A goal for 2011.

Anyway, as I shuffled using the Spiral Tarot by Kay Steventon, I thought about this blog, my purpose and my goals.

Past - Princess of Pentacles - Time wasted. Stumbling blocks not overcome. In my day job, I excel, however, in my joy job (meaning the tarot), although well intentioned, this Princess reminds me of the importance of study and sticking with it. Being consistent.

Present - The Devil (15) -What am I afraid to see? What are my motives? What do I see when I look in the mirror? Deep down I know I can get past the fear. I know I need to do more to have what is inside me come out (verbally). It isn't hopeless as sometimes the voice tell me.

Future - The World - okay so that seems like a nice card to get. Am I going to start a new journey if I deal with the past and present issues. Will I be a more mature and evolved soul. Yes indeed. I already feel the new ideas and new ventures spilling forth. Hey, maybe even some new relationships. Its a good feeling and a feeling of wholeness. A good way to start a new year and a good goal to aspire to.

I have work to do for sure. And I am willing to do the work. I love doing the work. I just need to find the mental and physical energy to do it after a full day at my office job. This will be my challenge as I begin 2011. It really is important to me for so many reasons. Add up the numbers to the above and it comes to 36 which is 9 which is The Hermit. That fits me perfectly. There is so much knowledge within me that sometimes it hurts ... my problem is being able to verbalize it to others.

Much to do ... to be continued ... happy 2011♥

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