Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Follow to Page of Sword card in previous post

It is the little things I enjoy.  Last week and this week have been crazy busy for me at work.  To the point of overwhelming.  To the point of me wanting to leave for parts unknown.  Anyway, I pulled the Page of Swords in a spread the other day and made a note to myself to look for a message and since Swords is air perhaps look for words.  On Wednesday, there was a letter in my mailbox.  Well not really a letter.  It was from the property management folks with my rent increase.  It doesn't take affect until May but they always send the notice in January.  I didn't want to open it especially considering the mood I've been in.  So I left it for a bit.  Later on in the evening I opened it.  Much to my surprise my rent increase is only .70%  ... honestly.  Only a few dollars more.  It had to be an error.  But on second look that is what it said.  So indeed a wonderful message to receive.  A little thing perhaps but it will make my year just that much easier.  Thank you Page of Swords.

to be continued .....

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