Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sad day

News of my mother in law's health failing is not really news since she's been sick off and on for years and always recovered.  The lady has some deep inner strength.  A beautiful Gemini lady.  But this past week, her daughter emailed me to say the latest set back would be fatal although there was no time line ... a few days, a week a month or more.  My daughter and I planned a visit this morning to see her (probably for the last time).  Once there however we were greeted by Marney, her daughter, Kris and her husband to find out this could be mom "G"'s last day.  Unexpectedly soon.  Very sad.  In so many ways it is sad.  I married and divorced the wayward son and truly, although mom and dad "G" have been generous with birthday gifts and Christmas gifts, they have not really considered my children to be family.  All the more evident when mom "G" is ill and we are asked not to visit.  The same happened today although luckily Lindy and I already left to go have breakfast and then on to the hospital.  Dad "G" upon receiving the news it might be her last day, called and left a message for us to not come "because of the situation".  We did not receive this message.  His message angers me.  Lindy is their granddaughter.  Me, no I am not family.  But Lindy and Jordan are.  I do love dad "G" but his words are cruel and cut to the heart.  Once we were there, I could tell mom "G" was happy to see both of us.  She took my hand, I told her how much I loved her and how she's helped me all these years.  She told me she loved me.  And then she held on to Lindy's hand for  the longest time.  SHE wanted us there.  I am so glad we went.

I pulled a card right now and got the Fool.  Isobel Grieve is on the brink of a new journey.  She's finished with this one and will begin a new one.  Appropriate card for sure.  At first glance, I didn't think so but with some thought, indeed, it is.  Isobel is/was very creative, very open and very willing to go places ...  This time she is going to jump off the cliff, she is ready to go and said as much.

Love  you mom "G".

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