Saturday, November 6, 2010

Been awhile

So, I've been having some issues (I won't go into detail here) but after some refusal to do so I called my family doctor and made an appointment to talk. This appointment was this past Friday and for the few days leading up to Friday, I put myself through so much unnecessary stress. Anyway, I drew some cards the morning of the visit to get an idea about what to expect. I used the Vanessa tarot.

Page of Wands - when I saw this card I chuckled to myself. The girl is on her stick horse facing the past waving - immediately this told me to get on with it and just go. Talk to the doctor about the past issues leading up to today and go from there.

2 Wands - shows a lady chemist in her lab trying to figure out what to do or how to concoct what she needs. She is facing the future (so perhaps an answer will arrive). She is me not knowing exactly what would help me but together with the doctor we will try to figure it out.

Moon - definitely shows my mood and my nervousness and stress. Also tells me to talk about my emotions, fears and anxieties honestly.

As I look at the cards as a whole I felt the visit would be a good one and I'd get through it okay.

Indeed it was a rough few days (all brought on by me) as I stewed inside. I don't like to talk about myself, I don't like to reveal my weaknesses. But I got on that horse, got myself there and talked honestly and openly to the doctor. I felt vulnerable and somewhat fearful but talking came easy. She was a big help and made me feel comfortable.

In the end, I got some help and I am doing better. I had left the bottom card of the deck unturned and now had a look ... High Priestess. Quite appropriate really. I shared some secrets, I listened to my inner voice and I gained some insight into the mystery that is myself.

Good reading.

To be continued .....

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