Sunday, January 16, 2011

Simple reading

Its been a good day.  I managed to spend most of it with my tarot cards.  Joy for sure. My father's father is from Denmark so I have some Viking roots.  Got out my Viking Cards and read the book as I looked at each card.  32 cards.  The author is from Iceland and I found it very interesting.  Love the cards and will draw one each morning for advice.  Will see how they feel.

Later in the day, I got out the Mystic Dreamer deck and pulled three cards:

1 - Where I've been - The World (21)
As I look at the card, I realize I have all the knowledge I need, I'm aware I have the knowledge and I want to remember the knowledge.  It's in me, it's in the universe, I am the universe.  

2- Where I am - The Hierophant (05)
 The is my card when you do the numbers for my birthday.  I've struggled somewhat understanding what this card is really about especially in the traditional decks.  In this deck, it's a much more relaxed card, not so stern, not so much giving me the idea of conformity to whatever.  It reminds me that I know the solution, I need to relax and let it come forth.  Share with others, let someone share with me.  So where am I??? Well, I am struggling to find my way in the world I want to be in as well as struggling with myself to allow myself to do this.  Confidence in myself and my knowledge.

3. Page of Swords

I really like this card.  Its soothing to me as I look at it.  She is in a good place but definitely contemplating something.  Since its Swords there might be a message for me but I will need to look for it.   This message will help me.  

Add up the cards and you get "8" Strength.  I believe this is the same as my reading yesterday.  I need to use my inner strength to discipline myself to make my goals come true.  To believe in myself and live by what I believe to be true. 

Ramblings ...
to be continued .....

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