Monday, April 26, 2010

Okay ... so I drew three cards from the Hanson-Roberts deck ... a card for me, a card for the deck and a card for our relationship. Four of Swords, Three of Swords and Three of Cups (adding up to ten Wheel of Fortune. So much for my original intention. All I could see was my cousin and all the heartache surrounding his passing with the Three of Cups showing the gathering to celebrate his life. Also, a few hours ago I found out my (ex) mother-in-law is back in the hospital (not good news).

Not much else to say right now. I need a few days before I pick up the cards. My thoughts and energy are elsewhere.

Until then ...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The last few days have been very busy. Mostly with work as tax season gears down. I ended up working Saturday too so am feeling it today. Sad news on Thursday from my cousin that her brother was in the hospital and then on Friday that he'd passed away. So very sad as he is only 49 years old with two teenagers and a beautiful wife. RIP Bob. You'll be missed.

I am retiring the Sacred Circle deck. Doesn't seem to be the deck I need to use right now. It isn't speaking to me at all. I'll get back to it in the future. From my collection of 42 decks, 2 oracle decks , I tend to use maybe four all the time. It was my decision to work my way through the list as a way to get to know them and them know me. So its on to the next deck. I keep notes on each deck with the spreads I use and my thoughts. A good tool for learning and for looking back. There have been some wonderful surprises along the way (I am about a third the way through). Decks taking me by surprise and ones I didn't like but thought I would love.

Decision made ... going to use Hanson-Roberts deck. Cute cards, child like really and they are small which is nice for me since I have small little hands.

To be continued ...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Been thinking about the cards I drew yesterday without too much further insight. Seems I am drawing a blank with them. I did find out this morning by way of a cell phone message that my cousin is in the hospital. I don't know him all that well, however, I am very close to his sister. She is the one who phoned me. So I contacted his wife to let her know I was thinking of him and the family. Also my daughter is having some, hopefully, minor car troubles. She told me this morning as well. My son has decided to go back to college (yay) and applied the other day. He now has to make some follow up phone calls to complete his application and I talked to him earlier today as well. Lots of Mercury retro things going on for sure. Not so much these cards.

Anyway, will draw some new ones for tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What a crazy busy day I had. I drew three cards this morning from the Sacred Circle deck but didn't look at them until now.
Knight of Cups, King of Discs and Page of Wands.

I am not sure I am liking these cards. As I look at them nothing speaks to me and I certainly can't relate them to my day. Plus they are all court courts and I still have trouble with the courts. Is there a man coming into my life?? Romance? Potential for a creative endeavor? None of those things are on my mind at all and truth is I don't have time until tax season and the work relocation is over to think about anything. So ... not sure what these cards are telling me at all.

Besides being busy at work, I went to the dentist for a cleaning this morning and had my hair cut after work. Not seeing these things in these cards. I will keep them on my desk and see what tomorrow brings. Perhaps something will shout out at me.

To be continued ....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I've spent some time with the Sacred Circle deck. Had a quick look at the companion book but set it aside for now. Things have been changed from the "norm" ... the order of the cards for one thing. I find the cards very beautiful which is what drew me to them originally. The minors are basically a landscape picture with the number of swords, wands, disc or cups for the number. They also have a keyword at the top. In this case, it will help to know a little something about what the numbers mean. These cards are large for my hands and not easily shuffled.

I drew three cards:
1 - A card for me - 5 Wands
2 - A card for the deck - Page of Swords
3 - A card for our relationship - 4 Swords

I am going to have to focus and pay attention. This deck is going to make me develop my own ideas and not rely on the book (funny that I set the book aside earlier). In order for this relationship to work, there will need to be some meditation involved. (especially so since the 5+4 add up to 9 which is the Shaman card). I get the feeling I am not to use these cards to read for others. At least not at this point. They have a lot to say to me if I am grounded enough to listen, contemplate and meditate.

We shall see what happens. Not sure I like them but, as always, I will use them for the week. This evening or perhaps first thing in the morning before I head off to work, I will do a general three card spread. Probably keep it for a couple of days before drawing another. I'll keep notes on my day's adventures and see if there is some insight into the meanings of these cards. The minors are going to be the most interesting and difficult.

Another cool day, however, the promise of sunshine and warmer temps for the coming week. Hope so. I work in a small accounting firm meaning it is now tax season with two more weeks to go (in Canada our taxes are due April 30). Right now my life is work, eat, sleep, work, eat sleep ..... not much energy left for the rest of my life. May 1 is a wonderful day!!!

To be continued ....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

It is so hard to believe its been a year since I've updated. And to think it was supposed to be a daily or at least a weekly blog. Well it's a new day and a new blog.

A few days ago a good friend emailed me for tarot advice about something in her life she was ready to do after two plus years of skirting around the issue. Its been difficult for her going back and forth and up and down. Anyway, I drew three cards from the Spiral Deck ... Ten of Swords, Six of Wands and Four Wands. I immediately saw her struggles and how hard it would be not only on her but on the other person involved. But the other two cards made me smile. I felt she should go ahead with her plans. To me these cards showed the end of a cycle for her. Leaving behind a situation not in her best interests. It wouldn't be overnight but changes for the better are on the way. All her efforts will be rewarded. I contacted her and told her so. She promised to fill me in after the fact.

Spring has finally arrived. Brings forth a sense of hope inside me and I can't help but smile. Seeing the leaves begin to grow and flowers popping up reminds me of the beauty of nature and how its all so much bigger than me. I am a lover of walking and for the past four/five years have walked to and from work all year round. However, my place of work is relocating in May and I will no longer be able to walk. When I first heard this news I was very depressed. I love my walk to work and home again. It soothes my soul plus it was great exercise. What is one to do? After much thought, a few weeks ago I purchased a treadmill to use in the morning before work and again once I get home. So far its been working out really well and I am surprised to find I enjoy it and even found myself running. Of course I will still go for outdoor walks when I can and in the spring/summer/fall hopefully often as the days are longer. During the summer months, I like to plan walking trips to various parts of my town and explore.

My deck for next week is the Sacred Circle Tarot by Anna Franklin. I've had it for awhile but never used it and honestly, never really looked at it. Not sure if I like it or not but am going to give it a go. I always start a new deck off with a three card spread ... a card for me, a card for the deck and a card for our relationship. Will spend some time with the cards tomorrow, do the spread and blog about it.

To be continued.