Sunday, April 18, 2010

I've spent some time with the Sacred Circle deck. Had a quick look at the companion book but set it aside for now. Things have been changed from the "norm" ... the order of the cards for one thing. I find the cards very beautiful which is what drew me to them originally. The minors are basically a landscape picture with the number of swords, wands, disc or cups for the number. They also have a keyword at the top. In this case, it will help to know a little something about what the numbers mean. These cards are large for my hands and not easily shuffled.

I drew three cards:
1 - A card for me - 5 Wands
2 - A card for the deck - Page of Swords
3 - A card for our relationship - 4 Swords

I am going to have to focus and pay attention. This deck is going to make me develop my own ideas and not rely on the book (funny that I set the book aside earlier). In order for this relationship to work, there will need to be some meditation involved. (especially so since the 5+4 add up to 9 which is the Shaman card). I get the feeling I am not to use these cards to read for others. At least not at this point. They have a lot to say to me if I am grounded enough to listen, contemplate and meditate.

We shall see what happens. Not sure I like them but, as always, I will use them for the week. This evening or perhaps first thing in the morning before I head off to work, I will do a general three card spread. Probably keep it for a couple of days before drawing another. I'll keep notes on my day's adventures and see if there is some insight into the meanings of these cards. The minors are going to be the most interesting and difficult.

Another cool day, however, the promise of sunshine and warmer temps for the coming week. Hope so. I work in a small accounting firm meaning it is now tax season with two more weeks to go (in Canada our taxes are due April 30). Right now my life is work, eat, sleep, work, eat sleep ..... not much energy left for the rest of my life. May 1 is a wonderful day!!!

To be continued ....

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