Sunday, August 9, 2015


The second absolutely beautiful painting by my generous friend, SM, arrived not long ago.  I keep looking at it thinking how it was painted just for me and how perfect it is.

The Queen of Pentacles comes to my mind right away.  Then I realize that is me sitting there.  A calm, content and pleased me.  Taking a moment to contemplate, to enjoy my new life.

Ten months later, this new life is a challenge but wonderful all at the same time. Moving from a city to a town with 5,000 people is an adjustment.  In the painting there is a city in the background.  Well I see it as a city ... since I haven't quite left the city behind.  Work is still there, driving an hour there and an hour back every day is still my reality.  For the next 17 months.

The big city offer much. My new surroundings are worth all the sacrifices. The quiet, the friendliness of the townfolk and the beauty all make up for the inconveniences of not having the best internet service, having only one small expensive grocery store and no department store.  Planning is needed.

A year ago this new life of mine was a fantasy.  Unreachable it seemed.  Then one phone call changed everything and this transition from my old life to this new life began.  So many changes. Ongoing, challenging but the right path.  There is no doubt.

Oh the possibilities.

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  1. Wow! The fact that something you thought impossible has become a reality gives hope to us all. I hope you'll be writing often about this "new life," as you've been missed. And what a lovely painting. I'm quite jealous. - Kate