Saturday, March 7, 2015

Burdens lifed

A far away fiend, who paints, told me she was going to toss her collection thinking they weren't very good anyway.  Oh my gosh, I said.  Don't do that. I'll take them.  She agreed and is sending me one painting at a time, whenever the urge strikes her.  I have not seen them so each will be a surprise.

The first painting arrived a few weeks ago.

Upon opening, I was amazed at the colours used and what a perfect fit for my bedroom wall in my new home.  Once my painting job is complete, this is where her painting will live.

Second thought ... Six of Swords ... with the perspective of the arrival rather than the leaving.  I've already gone through the process of figuring out new solutions and perspectives.  I've created a new cycle allowing old difficulties to be resolved or put behind me.  Burdens lifted as a new life begins.

Thank you SM - your painting is perfect.  Can't wait for the next one to arrive.

Smiles :)))))

(SM knows nothing of tarot)


  1. What wonderful things to look forward to! You are so lucky, Carol.

  2. I LOVE that you rescued her paintings! What a wonderful thing. And a great gift to you, too! :D