Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Baby steps back

Been awhile. I haven't written or journaled in many many months and so am definitely out of practice. However, writing/journaling benefits me in so many various ways, here I go with an attempt.

When I retired mid June, I had no idea two months later I'd still be transitioning to this new life. Definitely taking longer than I ever imagined to clear my head of decades of "work information".  Surprised as well how many emotional ups and downs there have been. 
As long as I can remember, my routine was based around my job. Now there is no set routine, no alarm clock getting me up ... it is 100% up to me to work out an order of sorts.  

Once I realized this was going to be a slower process than I anticipated, I gave myself permission to do nothing or rather do whatever.  It has been quite enlightening what I gravitated to but that is a whole other blog.

Now the time has come for the cards to come out and for me to be my creative self again.

Starting small by using only two cards and using the Universal Waite tarot, I asked  "what do I need to know about getting my writing/journal/tarot mojo back".

The 3 of Pents shows me I need to put in the effort but also share with others, listen and receive back. Indeed I have begun the process of doing just that by reaching out to like minded folks who can help me and me help them.

The 10 of Cups tells me I can get my "joy" back.  Much to my dismay it disappeared a few years ago after always being there to help me through all the challenges thrown my way. Seeing this card my eye went immediately to the children playing.  I did this regularly last winter/spring as I struggled through another pressure and stress filled tax season.  I dug down deep and brought out my 6 year old self to play with me and we had fun each evening. She really did show me what laughing and having fun can mean.  Tarot is something that is fun for me.

The Shadow card (bottom of the deck card) is The Fool. For me this totally connects to the innocence of the children playing and my need to be more like that in present time. Also The Fool is telling me to just go for it.  Stop overthinking everything.

These cards add up to 13 - Death.  Am thinking this is my excuse voice, my lack of confidence voice and even some illogical fear. However, I also see Death, particularly with these cards, indicating the clearing away of the old routines, the old way of being.  Leading to a band new me for this part of my journey. I am okay with it being a slow process.


  1. well visioned. Rob retired August 29 2014. It was only two months ago he actually stopped going to work. The extra money is paying for his second trip to Australia, but driving force was habit. It took me about six months but I was working on my own for the last 20 years so was more versed in dedicating my time without having time disappear up the chimney :) good to see you again

    1. Thanks, Sharyn, it is good to be here. The days do indeed go by quickly and I often forget which day it is. Hope you get to go on the trip to Australia. So exciting.

  2. I have just quit my three-and-a-half-day job and am working out my final week's notice. Even when it's a change I want, it's still anxiety-provoking and I find myself a bit stressed. I don't think I'll miss the work or the routine, but ... still a rebalancing is required.
    Glad you're blogging again!

    1. Hope your transition to retired life goes well. Am excited for you!! Slowly my new routine is taking shape. Am happy it is all in my hands now but for sure I do need some sort of routine to be productive.

      My grandson will be born on Sep 15, if not sooner. We live 40 minutes from the hospital so weekdays while my son is at work in town, I am the designated driver. So need to be ready to go!!

      In the meantime, am keeping my daughter-in-law occupied ... so my blogging is to be continued once baby is born and everyone is home. Finding it hard to focus :)

      Thanks for checking in and saying hello.