Sunday, November 24, 2013

Snow day

The snow started yesterday with periodic snow squalls.  One moment sunny, the next a white-out.  I was out in it briefly yesterday and very happy once home to be an observer from this side of the window.  My view over to my little forest is like a winter wonderland.  Oh so very pretty.  I do not see what the roads are like and the challenges the snow creates.  I have heard it is quite a mess out there.  When I got up early this morning and saw all the snow on my trees, I knew this was to be a relaxing, enjoyable day.  I would make it so.

And I have.  I almost feel guilty as there are many things I could/should be doing.  The choice is mine though isn't it.  I catch myself distracted and lost in thought as I look out the window.  I can just lift my head and there it is.  Perhaps it is time well spent.  This lost in thought time.

And perhaps the Universe is telling me just that, as only minutes ago from the Sacred Circle tarot (Anna Franklin & Paul Mason) I pulled:

Different setting, same idea.  I feel the card is telling me to take advantage of my thought process.  Definitely use my own mind, develop my own ideas.  Also to be careful to actually use the information coming to me and the information I gather myself, not just store it.

My mind can be rather restless.  This card reminds me to use "thought" to make some sense of what is in there.  A meditation of sorts.

There might even be a surprise for me!!  Hmmm ...


  1. Hi Carol. I am almost jealous of the snow. it adds to the calm gracefulness you have been experiencing. And how in sync is you daily draw. This page is so much more at ease then his RW nephew. I can relate to being restless.Meditation is helping me a lot, but then I don't have to forget to meditate :D

    1. I agree this page seems quite content right where he is. The RW page seems a uneasy or maybe I just see him as not looking forward and somewhat unattached (with his head in the clouds). I think I like this card so much because in my meditations, I often sit in a similar place. Seeing it calms me. It has been a good day. Hope yours was as well. Thanks for stopping by xxxooo

    2. Thanks for the idea to visualize a beautiful place to meditate

    3. You are very welcome :) My meditation begins in a "cabin" I built and furnished. Sometimes that is as far as I make it but often have great conversations with whoever shows up. The door is over to the right leading to my garden where I play and then up the path of the mountain and hopefully my guide. I went to a psychic recently and she perfectly described all of this to me and I had tears running down my face. Amazing.

    4. That is surely amazing. Now that you´ve described this scenery where you meditate I remember my little House in a forest behind a ivy grown wall. There is also a path to the sea. In the wall is a door and I have the key. O my god how could I have forgotten that magical place. I thank you so much

    5. You will have to visit your little house in the forest and see what has changed since your last visit. I am happy to have jogged your memories. Fun isn't it.

    6. I had left the door open :D

  2. Beautiful, Carol! Glad you had such an inspiring meditation, that place of calm is very special :)

  3. So interesting to learn where others "go" in meditation!
    Thanks, all.
    I meet my Inner Self next to a freshwater lake. Sometimes we sit and hold hands, sometimes we hug, sometimes we wade in the water.