Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy December

Wow, where has this year gone?  December already. Time seems different as I get older.  There certainly isn't enough of it.  There is more of an urgency to use it wisely.  Fitting personal interests in around a busy full time job is quite the chore. What to leave in, what to put off for later ... what is most important to me.  I want to do them all!!

Determined to spend at least an hour today with my cards, I got out my Morgan-Greer Tarot deck.  I think I bought it off e-bay many years ago and when it arrived I discovered it was the Spanish edition.  Oh well, I said to myself.  The cards are still beautiful and I can learn a little Spanish while reading with them.

Not using a particular spread but with the thought of the month ahead, I drew three cards:

Seems I am on my own in this journey for the month.  Not a surprise.  I really like this 9 of Pentacles, especially the purple.  It speaks to me of growth in awareness, wisdom and my intuition.  She seem very content and grateful for all she has, as am I.  Saying that, the hooded bird reminds me there is still a part of me needing to reach out for a little more and not be too content where I am.  Cannot forget to continue growing. Ever.

This does not need to be done immediately.  It must be thought through from different perspectives, without distractions.  Breathe.  Meditate. Dig deep. Relax.  Allow it!!

I will be ready for the new opportunities coming my way.  Most importantly, I will be a part of creating these new opportunities.

... off to find more time :)

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  1. What a beautiful cards you've got! And the funny thing is they could be for me as well. I can relate to this reading very much. The woman in the nine of pentacles is one of my favorite cards How I would love to stroll that garden and pause and rest for a while and enjoy my achievements . Growing is necessary but not all the time :)