Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Snow and more snow

This was my view today at work.  We are up on a hill and normally as you look out over the parking lot you can see the street going north/south.  It is there somewhere.

Standing at the window looking at the snow as it swirled around, it reminded me of how much we really can't control.  Reminded me to be in the present and find joy in it.  I absolutely took the time today to do that. Instead of saying how it was too soon for snow or how bad the drive home would be, I smiled.

This was the view from my apartment balcony on my lunch during a lull in the snow.  A lull so I was able to come home for lunch. How beautiful and calming is that.  Fifteen minutes after I was back to work it was back to the first picture ... same snow, different perspective. Still a smile.

feeling joyous ...


  1. Beautiful! As you say, Carol, it's all about our perspective, not about what is out there! Glad you found the joy and beauty in the day and the snow :)

  2. This is a like fairy-tale in November. Beautiful.how snow remembers us to live in the moment
    Snow can be so serene it's like the world is covered under a blanket and everything becomes quiet. I love it