Sunday, November 10, 2013


Last Sunday I spent an hour and a half chatting with a psychic/medium.  It was meant to be half an hour but we got carried away and had no idea all that time had gone by.  What a lovely lady she is.  What a wonderful experience for me and as it turned out a needed one. Took her less than a second to get right to the root of who Carol is.  Blew me away.  So very much to process.  It did take most of the week to regain my strength.  Seems I was drained after.  In a nice way.

Anyway, it is back to the normal everyday routines along with incorporating what I know I need to do.  Seems easier now.

I did a meditation and got out The Vanessa Tarot (Lynyrd Nariso) and drew three cards with past, present, future in mind.

Been a little lost at times looking towards the past and although that can be a good thing in order to figure out who you are and the why ...  got stuck.  In order to get back to the present and back on the path, an enormous amount of focus and control is needed.  Be a warrior.  In the end, with a change of thinking, acting on ideas, moving forward will be the result.  Yes, it will be with hard work and challenges but so worth it.

On a different note, tomorrow is Remembrance Day but also my dad's birthday. He would be 91 if still with us.  He passed 6 years ago just after his birthday on Nov 15.  My dad was in the military until he retired at age 50 and began a second career as an accountant.  He is remembered for his service in WWII and for the many years after.  He is remembered as my daddy ... miss and love him.

always and forever ....


  1. Thanks to men like your dad, my parents (and everybody else in Holland were liberated in WWII)
    It must have been quite an experience to be so tired after this meeting. Perhaps the ace of swords can also point to the clarity you have found which can guide you into the future.:)

    1. Earlier today I posted a picture of my dad on facebook taken in Holland during the war. For a moment I thought you'd seen it but of course you didn't. I had forgotten you are from the Netherlands. My dad's father's family came over from Denmark in the early 1900's.
      When I saw the Ace of Swords in the "future" position, it brought a smile to my face. It does reinforce being back on my path (after a little stumble). I feel it to be true now whereas I was trying to feel it just a short few weeks ago. Yay ...
      Thanks for stopping by, Ellen.

    2. The Netherlands is just an other word for Holland. I would love to see the picture if you would give me the link :)