Monday, December 3, 2012

Impulse buying

Can you see me smiling.  A package was sitting on my doorstep when I arrived home today.  On Saturday, I ordered this deck .. well just because ...  I have not had a chance to properly have a look yet, to get to know it.  Am excited to do so.

For a Monday, it was a good day.  I feel lighter than I have for quite some time.  Work went well.  Finding the package with my new tarot deck and also in my mailbox a written letter from my cousin made my day.  Put that smile on my face.

Again today using the Housewives Tarot by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum.

I just had to laugh when I saw the picture.  Brought back some memories from my childhood.    Particularly one when my three brothers thought I had done something worth punishment (can't even remember what) so Dad took me into my bedroom for a talking too and a spanking.  However, he did neither, he just pretended to.   We did talk though although about what I can't recall.  Wish I could.  Anyway, this picture brought back that memory.  

The card itself brings to mind one must accept the consequences of one's actions.  You created them and now must deal with them.  A balance issue.  Balance issues good and bad keep coming up in most of the cards I draw lately.  Obviously something I need to deal with.   Recognizing my mistakes and my good deeds, accepting both and growing forward.

to be continued ...

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