Monday, May 21, 2012

Almost been a year since I've posted.  How did that happen?  Doesn't really matter since no one read it but me but it is a good place to write down my thoughts with the help of some tarot cards.  I am just out of another busy tax season and am finding my Self again.  Tax season leaves me with no time or energy for the things I love to do.  My life becomes work, sleep and work again.  No way to live but not really an option to change jobs at this point in my life.  Am going to start reading again and posting here with thoughts.  For myself. LOL.

The eclipse last night at 0 degrees Gemini falls exact on my Venus (really in last degree of Taurus) which happens to be square Saturn and opposite the Asc.  Saturn square my Sun bringing that into the mix ... TSquare triggered.   Interesting.

To be continued ... (and I mean it)

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