Sunday, May 30, 2010

So I haven't been doing any tarot for a few weeks. I'm finding it hard to fit it in but am working on it. Doesn't feel right when I don't spend time with my cards. I did win a reading from Celeste (from her blog - Tarot by Celeste) and it was excellent. Celeste said some things I needed to hear and as a result think on. It played out more than I had hoped but all is good.

Work has been busy as we are still doing tax returns all the while settling in from the relocation. The new office is so much bigger and way more spread out and an overall nice place to work. I am still sad I can't walk to work anymore. I miss my walks. I did buy myself a bicycle last weekend and will be riding to work as often as I can. The best part is the route to work is a bike path 90% of the way there. No busy streets to ride on. Knowing this helped make the decision to buy it. It is a second hand bike, however, the lady only rode it twice so really its brand new. Love it!!

My work with the Motherpeace deck is at a standstill. The poor deck hasn't left its bag since last Tuesday. My plan is to begin again in the morning.

For right now, I got the deck out, meditated a bit with it, shuffled and drew one card to see what it had to say. 9 of Discs. That is me developing my strength and courage. Grounding myself and being in balance. All things I definitely need to work on right now considering everything going on. Mostly things happening to others having a substantial effect on me. I like this card. She is alone, as am I most of the time. She is surrounded with all the things she loves. I get a good feeling from this card. Makes me smile. It reminds me to make the effort to continue on my course. Make the time even when I think there isn't any.

It was a lovely day today. Went for a long bike ride this morning down by the river. Sat for a time with my friend, Brent, who passed away two years ago May 10. Or I should say I sat at the tree his sons planted in his name and listened to some music on my IPod. Brent was a musician and would have approved of my choices. A few tears fell but thats okay. I miss not being able to talk to him.

to be continued ....

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