Sunday, May 16, 2010

I've spent some time with the Motherpeace deck looking at the picture and reading parts of the book. The cards are a little large for me to work with ... my hands are small and shuffling isn't easy.

I did my usual - a card for me, a card for the deck and a card for our relationship spread and got:
9 Wands
7 Cups

My initial reaction to 9 of Wands found me thinking this lady is tired and in need of a rest. She's worked hard but still sitting there. She doesn't give up no matter what. And I won't give up on this deck. The book says its a wise use of power, having experience = wisdom.

When I looked at the 7 of Cups my first thought was protection ... however, the book goes on about fantasy and dreams. The cups are choices and she must ground herself in some kind of reality. She can't have everything at once. If she focuses on the cup on her head it will spill out onto all the others. With the information from the book and looking again at the card, I do see it.

The World card as our relationship told me it would be complete. I will get something from this deck. It won't be easy but I have the experience and the knowledge to take the deck and allow my creativity to flow. Let the pictures speak to me. They certainly are very different and I am excited to learn more about them.

So, on Friday my son told me he was going back to school, to college, after dropping out three years ago. I am very happy with his decision. He is in a different place now and ready to finish what he started. It won't be easy working out all the financial stuff but he is determined.

I decided to draw three cards asking what I need to know about Jordan and school.

Son of Wands
8 Swords

There is the World again. That is a good sign. The Son of Wands is my child and indeed he is my child. Looking at the card it reminds me of a celebration amongst those who love each other. The sun is in the sky, everyone is happy. Exactly how Jordan is feeling and how I felt when he phoned to tell me the news.

8 of Swords confirms for me it won't be easy ... but much of his worries and even his fears about this is created by his mind ... creating obstacles to hold him back. He did that for a long time but is ready to get out of that box now. His perspective needs to change (and it is). Working out all the finances and getting part time hours with his current employer will at times make him feel like he's hitting a brick wall. I will remind him not to give up. One step at a time.

Overall these seem to be positive cards. I like them.

A bright sunny warmer day today ... enjoyable to listen to the birds singing as I write this.

To be continued ....

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