Sunday, December 22, 2013

Rain, Ice, Snow

My first thoughts today are with all those affected by the huge rain/ice/snow storm across southern Ontario all the way to the east coast in Canada and the northeast US.  Where you are depends on what is falling from the sky.  My town was spared the worst of it.  We still have power and not as much freezing rain fell.  However, only an hour from here to the east and beyond, thousands are left with everything covered in ice resulting in no power and many no heat either.  Some are my friends and family. Be safe.

 Today's card, again from The Wildwood:

I like this Knight of Vessels.  There is a calmness to it.  The movement is very smooth.  It seems to me this eel is telling me to be adaptable and keep moving forward with my dreams.  They can be a reality if I believe, truly believe this to be true.  The court cards generally give me trouble, still.   It can mean someone will enter my life to help guide me along my path.  More likely it refers to within me rather than outside myself.  Perhaps acknowledging my focus and intent.

I am grateful to be inside with no where to go today ...


  1. Glad you are safe and sound! We are still waiting for the storm which we should get sometime in the wee hours of the morning. But we are so far south, all we will get likely is lots of rain.

  2. What a rough weather you're having. Here it almost feels like early spring during the day.
    I mostly see court cards as traits and qualities I need to focus on or to develop
    I wish you a wonderful day full of free time relaxing moments: a pre christmas day :)

    1. Thanks Ellen for your thoughts on the court cards. It helps!! You have a wonderful day as well. I have to work today and tomorrow and then am off until Jan 6th. The 24th is my new daughter-in-law's birthday so we will celebrate her tomorrow evening. xxxoo

    2. Enjoy your vacation. You deserve it