Sunday, June 1, 2014

Too soon

I have so many decks stashed away, not being used and in some cases, never used.  Why do I have them, why did I buy them, or receive them??  As part of my journey forward, I will use each of these decks with no time limits placed to discover if they are to remain in my life.

Yesterday, I dug out Once Upon a Time deck by Lisa Hunt.  I love the artwork but never did use the deck.

Earlier today pulled:

Perfect card for my thought processes. It shows me I am on my way, moving forward but not quite there. Look at all my ghosts.  Certainly some good, some bad, some somewhere in between.  That is for me to sort out before I can see what is at the end of those steps.  All I know for sure is I am on my way to a greater perspective and I must trust the flow of life as it takes me.  Trust in the unknown.  And know I am not alone.  Let others help me on this journey.

Now that my job will be calm once again and my energy levels pick up, hopefully blogging will resume. I miss it so much and miss keeping up with everyone.  The whole job thing and working in accounting has run its course for me.  Time to move on.  This I am working on.

Last evening as I turned off my computer and looked out the window, this is what I saw:

Just a sliver but what a sight.  What a lovely way to end the day.  :))))


  1. That is a seriously lovely card.
    Be well my friend. There is always a tunnel but there is always light at the end.
    When we were little my dad always beeped in a tunnel, we kids wen't into hysterics ... we were easily amused. blow your horn...

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  3. Hi carol. I do hope you will recover soon from this draining work load. It is good to see that you are blogging again. I love this deck. Did you know it is out of print? I Always love to get a version of the six of swords as an affirmation of moving forward. And remember "slow and steady wins the race" :D

  4. That card is quite creepy, with all those rock creatures. Interesting that she is moving on without being able to actively take part in that movement. Has kind of a Hanged Man feel to it, with the promise that when you come out again, you will be somewhere very different.

  5. Looking forward to your examinations of all your cards!