Saturday, September 14, 2013

On-going hiatus

Honestly thought the August hiatus would be more than enough.  However, it seems this isn't the case.  The journey is not so magical right now.  (my fear being it might never again be but at the same time knowing it will, it has to be).  My strength has always been the ability to find joy in the simple things in day to day life despite any of the challenges facing me.  It got me through but is letting me down now.  It has deserted me and getting it back has eluded me so far.  Friends I once counted on and trusted, turns out not so much. Pretty much an illusion. One step forward, a hundred back.  Think I'm there only to find I am not.

Who I was is no longer. Moving forward I must re-invent myself working with what is now and the on-going process of finding who that is.  Where do I fit.  Who fits with me.  How to proceed with this journey.  So much harder than I ever imagined.  Truth is I never imagined myself here.

Tarot and astrology, interacting with all of my friends here on-line, means the world to me.  The knowledge and wisdom of everyone so willing to share is priceless.  Letting go of all that is not an option even though my participation is non-existent of late.  My words, my intuition will flow once again.  My excitement to read and comment on my favorite blogs will return.  Just simply has to.

Earlier this morning, using the Mystic Dreamer deck (Barbara Moore/Heidi Darris), this is the card I pulled:

 all right then ... be back soon xxxooo

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  1. Very sorry to hear you're going through a dark night of the soul. But there is light. Hugs.