Saturday, February 23, 2013

Well, it has been an unintentional hiatus.  Not only from here but only occasionally keeping up with other blogs, facebook, twitter, playing with my cards, seeing friends.  Sad but true.  The culprit = work.  I work in accounting and this is our busiest time, Jan 1 until end of April.  My work day starts at 7am, usually eat lunch as I work, finally make it home 5:30ish, only to find myself with nothing left.  Weekends I bring work home. Seems I am getting to old for this!  Work, eat, sleep ... I will wake up and it will be May 1st.  Spring will be here.  My birthday.  My son's wedding celebration is May 26th. Will need those weeks in May to find something to wear.  And to prepare myself to say something ... oh my gosh .. anxiety attack calling.  

Despite work taking over my life, I have been taking the time to make sure I laugh everyday, take some minutes and just breathe. Stop and look out the window, up at the sky.  Smile.  The simple things I misplaced for a few months.  It is coming back slowly but surely.

Today, the Vanessa Tarot (Lynyrd Narciso) was sitting on my desk yelling at me to pick it up.  So I did.

Hmm ... Five Coins is so obviously where I've been (in fear, in hiding).  I did grow, however, as a result.  Always a good thing.

Two Wands is me figuring this all out, discovery of new parts of my Self, feeling better and continuing on.  Courage and perspective.

They add up to seven = Chariot.  I am better prepared and working on my will-power. I have great strength within and it has served me well in my life.  I must not forget it is there.

I am grateful for my family, my friends, my on-line friends who have helped me through a difficult time.  It means everything to me.

((((hugs)))) to all ♥♥

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