Sunday, February 24, 2013

A good day.  Love saying those words.  Even after spending over four hours working on "work" I brought home, I did my weight routine, got on the treadmill, meditated, wrote in my journal and did few other housework type things.  Very productive.

All of that was not my original intent for today, except for the work from work. The to-do list for the weekend still needs to be completed but will have to wait for another day or even next weekend.  I quite enjoyed myself today.  

After the meditation session, I decided to pull a card using the Universal Waite deck.  This deck is always on my desk but I never use it for readings.  It is my study deck and gets forgotten about when hunting around for a deck to use.  I know it was happy to be used today.  This is the card I drew:

Nice, right??  My first thoughts -  perception/words/ideas and focusing rather than scattering.  Hanging on, but letting go.  I am not my fears.  During my meditation some ideas came to me worth looking into.  Not my usual but perhaps that is the point.  

Another picture, just because she is so pretty and makes me smile.  She is sitting on The Tarot Game.  I had to cover it up as this is her new favorite spot to sleep.

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