Friday, April 10, 2009

Remembering to have fun

Serious comes easily to me. Fun sometimes not so easy. I love having fun but I have to work at having fun. I have to remember to have fun. Serious will take over if I let it. And let it I often do. My passion right now is the study of tarot. I love it and it is fun for me … or is it? Too often I get way too serious in the study of it and forget to enjoy the process. This is one of those times. Lately, I’ve been obsessing over not progressing fast enough and not being confident in the knowledge I already possess. This morning I realized I was tense and wanting to get through the day’s errands so I could get some studying in. I'm not in the moment and certainly not enjoying what I’m doing. I felt the tenseness in myself and decided to sit down and pull a few cards.

I got out the Vanessa Tarot deck because it is a fun deck in a contemporary pop culture type of way. It makes me smile. Perfect choice.

So I pulled the Five of Wands - the fives can be about facing things in life and the wands brings in a healthy friendly competition. There are five girls all reaching for a bouquet in the air. They are not working together but they are not being aggressive either. It doesn’t really matter who catches it. They are having some fun!!!

Second card is the Eight of Wands. This cards shows eight broomsticks with a lone witch sitting on one of them. She is confident and free. Absolutely enjoying the moment. Perhaps not entirely sure where she is going but happy to be going there. That is the attitude I want to have!!!

Third card is Page of Swords. The little girl in this card is standing on a crooked box all dressed up raising a sword in her right hand. She is confident and having tons of fun play acting … letting her imagination run wild.

No doubt about the message here. Who says the cards don’t work!!! Here is me smiling. Yes, I will “work” to be in the moment and enjoy what I am doing. Balance all my necessary activities with the tarot. These cards are telling me to let go and allow my creativity to run free.

An on-going process and one I want to enjoy every moment. Now I have to go back to my messy kitchen to clean … it will be fun.

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