Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome to 2015

A new year begins. For me it represents the beginning of a new beginning. A new home, a new town, new situations, new routines. Except for having the same job (a lovely 50 minute commute each way), everything has changed.  All very quickly, rather unexpectedly and all within three months.  So here I am.

In those months, with my normal routines disrupted, I did not touch a tarot deck or look at a birth chart.  As I settle into my new home discovering what my new "normal" will be, I find my hands longing to shuffle a deck. To just sit and close my eyes for a meditation.  It has been way too long.

Finally, yesterday I sat, closed my eyes and left my physical body for awhile. What a pleasure. What a difference it makes.

Today, I found a tarot deck, shuffled and drew a card.  Left it face down. Wanted to feel it, touch it and enjoy it.  Wrote some thoughts in my journal before seeing the card.  

When ready I turned it over to find the Magician.  Begin at the beginning, at the root. All the knowledge and tools are within my realm of possibility. What a lovely first card to get after all this time.  (I am unable to add a photo until my system is totally up and running.)

Could not resist doing the numerology of my new town, my address and my post office box. 

The town letters add up to a 9 - for me a meaning of the 9 is the seeds of a new beginning.  That fits.

My street address adds up to a 5.  5 is my soul number.

My post office box number adds up to 5 - I had to smile when I realized this. Totally random as the computer chose once the lady put my info in.

Seems meant to be.

Sometimes life amazes me.  The challenges and the good times.  They all fit together in an odd and beautiful way.  It is for me to work on figuring it all out.  Along the way, I have fully realized I need to be my own best friend, I need to be okay on my own and to create my own reality.  If all of this happens, it opens the door for healthier relationships outside myself.

I have missed keeping up to date with those blogs I used to read every day. I miss your words. I miss your perspective and how it helps me think and grow. I miss writing my own blog.

Once back to work next week a new tax season begins. As always in a short time, life will be consumed with work until the end of April.  I always say I won't let it but it happens.  Just the nature of the business.  So, with that in mind, I am telling myself it is okay to write a blog once a week. Exercise twice a week, meditate for a shorter time.  It is all okay.

Life is interesting ... 

Happy 2015!!!!


  1. So good to hear from you again Carol. 2015 is definitely a fresh start for you.
    It is good to be gentle with yourself and don't set the bar to high.
    Wishing you a magical journey through your life and the ability weave its fabric with all its knots and lose ends

    1. Thanks, Ellen. Your words mean a lot to me. The journey is indeed magical and it is important not to lose sight of that. xxxx

  2. Hey! Hello! Glad you're back! and now that we've had to do without you for several months, we will be grateful for an entry once a week, eh? And there is nothing wrong with that. It's good to figure out what you can realistically do, instead of trying to do all the "shoulds" and then feeling like a failure when they don't really suit you. Looking forward to hearing more about your "new life."

    1. hey!! It is good to be back. Or almost back. Working on a "plan" to work from .. leaving room for adjustments. Getting organized is the first step and working on that this weekend. Loving my new "office". Painted it a beautiful yellow. Fills me with smiles.

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    1. Thanks Sharyn. Welcome to 2015 to you as well.

  4. What a beautiful 2015 post! Grats on your new digs and new energy. I hope you're settling in well now in March. Hugs! MM