Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Need some healing energy

I've been MIA around here due to very long hours at work leaving no time for much else.

However,  I am taking a few minutes to ask anyone who happens to read this to send some healing energy and thoughts to my brother who had a stroke this past Saturday and is in the hospital.    Luckily they got him there quickly and that is a good thing.  Right now we are waiting.  Physically he seems to be able to move, mentally he isn't so great.  Hopefully that is temporary.

Difficult times.


  1. I hope everything will be alright for your brother. I know how scared you must be now. The waiting; the uncertainty. I am glad the signs are good. Recovery is possible even months after a stroke.
    My prayers go out to you and your brother

    1. Thanks so much, Ellen. Means a lot to me. My brother can't speak and has trouble recognizing things. However, the doctors say this could be temporary. Time will tell. We are optimistic.