Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Remaining Positive

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving day with my family yesterday.  I am the reigning Scrabble champ. Try and beat me I say!!  Oh my gosh, the food was better than good.  My son does it all so effortlessly and doesn't want help.  I wouldn't even know where to begin to prepare food in the way he does and especially ending the meal with Creme Brulee for four.  He is amazing and I am so proud of him.

Today wasn't the best day as all the rich, lovely food I rarely eat yesterday triggered a migraine (it was worth it) so I decided to leave work two hours early. A bit of extra time for me to exercise, meditate and relax.  

Despite the little "devil" on my right shoulder telling me it would be okay not to exercise or meditate, I decided to listen to the "angel" on my left shoulder.  I did exercise and I did get a short meditation in and feel much better for doing both.  My goal these days is maintaining my "joy" and remaining positive when I just don't feel I can.  

Feeling I needed a light deck to play with, I dug out the Vanessa Tarot by Lynyrd Narciso. The card I drew: 

Hmm, not so light.  Ten of Swords is not always the most positive card.  However, it really does reflect my goals, my life at this point.  She comes across to me as a strong woman, ready for what faces her.  No matter the circumstance, my attitude, my reaction and my happiness is up to me.  She isn't down and out and for me the red cape indicates this.  The blue perhaps indicates an emotional adjustment.  All these things are true for me.  10's can be the end of something on the way to a new beginning.  A transition maybe because it takes time and hard work.

I am proud of myself for exercising when I did not want to, wasn't going to.
I am proud of myself for meditating if only for a short while.

Jumping for joy and happy to be home ...

Friday, October 11, 2013

Digging deep

Another blue sky warm fall day.  Can't complain about that.  Still lots of leaves on the trees, some a yellow, many are still green.  At least from the viewpoint of my window.  Further north, I am sure the colours are gorgeous.  It gets colder up there.

It has been a difficult to concentrate or focus day although I did manage to get many things off my to-do list.  My meditation was all over the place though and not terribly useful.  Or at least didn't seem so at the time.

Right after, using the Pagan Tarot by Gina Pace, I pulled:

My eye immediately saw all the roots.  Even the tree itself I saw as a series of roots.  Most likely telling me, I need to dig deeper, be prepared and listen.

Then I noticed the book.  For her, it is her book of shadows where she journals, keeps track of her spells etc.  I have a book like that.  However, my thought went to how I have so many books ... shelves and shelves.  All sorts of topics. Some read, some only parts read and others not at all.  Think of all the knowledge and enjoyment at my disposal.  Indeed, I need to start reading again.  

The card overall reminds me of what I always say before a meditation:

I am in the universe, the universe is in my body, the universe and I combine together

As above, so below.

Am off to find a book to begin reading ....

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Gift of Joy

A beautiful time of blue skies and warm weather.  Can't help but smile. Never want it to end although of course it will.  All things end. But an end is a new beginning.  This is where I am these days.  A new beginning.  Feels good.  Plans (with room for change of course) have been thought out and written down. Goals set.  Some reachable each day, some weekly and others over a longer time.  But all attainable.

Life is lighter lately and for that I am grateful.  Grateful for those who hung in with me and perhaps even for those who didn't.  It opened my eyes to many things.

It is hard to find a quiet time to get a nice little meditation in.  My apartment building seems to be filling with folks who don't mind being rather loud.  It was once a quiet wonderful place to live.  Seems that is no longer.  Not sure how to handle this particular situation but am working on it.

Determined, put some earplugs in and meditated. Been missing this very much and it needs to be incorporated back into my daily life.  Once done, I pulled out The Pagan Tarot by Gina Pace.  It is one of my fav decks. I find myself relating to her witch as she goes on her journey.

The card for today:

Ace of Chalices (Cups) ... the picture itself makes me smile.  I love the setting and if I could snap my fingers and be there, I would.  I love how the fish are jumping right out of the cup rough waters or not.  Parts of the lake are smooth as glass while where the fish are headed is a bit rough.  Kinda like me.  I immediately thought of myself jumping back into my life.

The card speaks to me of joy and of acceptance.  I know only too well, it isn't all going to be smooth sailing and that is okay.  Yeah, that is okay.

I am grateful for today.

Sunday, October 6, 2013