Friday, October 11, 2013

Digging deep

Another blue sky warm fall day.  Can't complain about that.  Still lots of leaves on the trees, some a yellow, many are still green.  At least from the viewpoint of my window.  Further north, I am sure the colours are gorgeous.  It gets colder up there.

It has been a difficult to concentrate or focus day although I did manage to get many things off my to-do list.  My meditation was all over the place though and not terribly useful.  Or at least didn't seem so at the time.

Right after, using the Pagan Tarot by Gina Pace, I pulled:

My eye immediately saw all the roots.  Even the tree itself I saw as a series of roots.  Most likely telling me, I need to dig deeper, be prepared and listen.

Then I noticed the book.  For her, it is her book of shadows where she journals, keeps track of her spells etc.  I have a book like that.  However, my thought went to how I have so many books ... shelves and shelves.  All sorts of topics. Some read, some only parts read and others not at all.  Think of all the knowledge and enjoyment at my disposal.  Indeed, I need to start reading again.  

The card overall reminds me of what I always say before a meditation:

I am in the universe, the universe is in my body, the universe and I combine together

As above, so below.

Am off to find a book to begin reading ....


  1. At least you have meditated. I try to do it daily to, but there is always something that distracts me. So be proud of yourself even if your meditation was "are all over the place"
    And the roots.. Lovely how every time we look at a card something else stands out :)

    1. Indeed it sometimes is hard to find a time quiet enough to meditate although sometimes it isn't the outside noises that bother me but the inside noises I can quiet down. I have Mercury in Gemini. My mind never stops making meditation even more important. Sort out some of what is rambling around inside me.

  2. I know the problem all to well.Sometimes I find myself making shopping lists while meditating. But every time when I notice my mind is wandering again, I've learned to gently pull it back in the here and now and never feel bad about it. Just be as kind to yourself as you would be to practicing child. A soft pull is enough even if you have to do it a thousand times :)

  3. Thumbs up! I agree! You meditated and that is a huge accomplishment. I need to do that. Xxoo

    1. Thanks MM. I agree as well. Need to make the time and I am working on it. Got the exercising down to a regular routine so can start fitting in the meditating. Hard when one is so busy but also very important for my sanity.

      Thanks for your support xxxxoooo