Saturday, January 5, 2013

Something to smile about

I made my daughter a nail polish rack for Christmas.  She was so surprised and loves it so much she wants two more!!

Here is a picture she posted to Twitter with it filled up.  It makes me so happy that she loves it, even with the imperfections.

 ... feels good to smile :))


  1. That is really cute. I love colorful nail polish. I may get some of the fume-free kind to use with my daughter. I hope you have a wonderful day!


  2. That is lovely, you did a great job! I can hardly believe she's got enough nail polishes to need two more of these, though! :o

    1. Thanks, I had fun making it. Poor girl has an obsession for nail polish and has been collecting since high school (she is now 30). She says she needs three more. I mentioned to her maybe she could purge some ... that did not go over very well LOL :)

    2. Ha ha! I can just imagine the face of an avid collector told they could "purge" their collection :D Still, don't nail polishes go off over time?

    3. Does she collect them to use, or just to display? Because I can't imagine using 12-year-old nail polish. THen again, I never bought expensive polishes, they might last forever for all I know. :) I like the tiger print, and the little bottles look GREAT on the shelves. Well done!

    4. Carla, she collects to use. Almost every day her nails have something new and interesting. She loves to experiment. With her toes as well in the summer. She tells me all the bottles work just fine, however, I can't imagine she uses them all with so many. They do bring her joy :))